Copeland Digital
Compressors Nr.
Required capacity: kW
Tolerance: %

General information

Special attention must be paid to the following remarks:

  • before the first usage the device must be installed and tested by a qualified technician, certified and lincesed person according to relevant laws and regulation in specific country, as well as certified by the producer
  • all safety measures must be conducted before installing and putting device in operation
  • the device must be used exclusively for the purpose it was designed for. Manufacturer is not liable for any modification to the device or wrongfully usage
  • all parts of the packaging (plastic bags, Styrofoam, wood, etc.) that may pose a potential threat must be kept out of reach of children, and must be recycled according to applicable standards of the local area
  • characteristics of the electrical network must match those written on the device label
  • in case of failure or poor performance the device must be immediately shut down
  • changes to the circuit, or any other changes that are not specified in this handbook or approved by producer result in termination of the guarantee
  • when servicing or repairing the device it is always recommendable to contact local services (recommended by Frigo Plus Ltd.), in order to ensure professional reparation, maintenance and original spare parts usage. Failure to do so may endanger the safety of the device alone as well as the safety of the workers in the vicinity of the device.

The manufacturer disclaims liability for any direct or indirect damage to the people or property, which can result by disregarding safety precautions in this guide.